Awakened Leader.

Awaken Unconscious Potential & Psychic Gifts to Lead a New World


Hi, I'm Nathaly

I help Awakened Entrepreneurs- Activate and Integrate their Intuitive Abilities to create a new world from the inside, out.

My passion is to work with leaders of influence, because it is YOU who is reshaping the world through your specific medicine. And it is time that you tap into all of your potential. I believe in a new world of liberation, expression and healing.

I am fantastic at what I do, because I have been offering my gifts as a Professional Hypnotist and Multi-Generational Intuitive Healer, for the last 8+ years (but really this journey has been life long). 

 I can see things that have not manifested yet, hear unconscious patterns, retrieve soul history and I can empathically feel exactly what you’re experiencing, it has made me the Modern Day go-to Oracle Guide.

I would be delighted and honored to support you (alllll of you).



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